1 year no shopping update 1: Stuff I’ve sold so far

So I’ve been keeping a running tally of everything I’ve sold on trademe and here is what I’ve sold so far.

Brown Corduroy skirt $6.50
Black Belt $5
Floral fabric (leftover from current project) $23
Colourful mini skirt $5
Yellow Sandals $33
Blue/green plaid wool skirt $15
Grey Wool Trousers $10.50

Grand total: $98!

Not too bad considering.  I’m a little over a month into my challenge and have so far done OK.  I haven’t purchased any clothing yet (yay!).  I have purchased an above average amount of beauty products (Noooo!).  I definitely don’t need anything else in that department and may have to add it to the ban.  *sigh*

My friends recently had a clothing swap and although I couldn’t make it, they set aside two green jumpers for me, which I’m totally stoked about.

There are a couple of items I feel I am seriously lacking at the moment and will probably use some of my above funds to purchase.  😀  I’ll keep you updated!

Now, to get through the black Friday madness of this week (I feel this will be one of the toughest weeks of my year of no shopping).  The only sale I’m really tempted by is The Limited, as I’m wanting to transition from my current student/casual to a more work appropriate/professional wardrobe.  Admittedly this is quite tricky considering that I’m not allowed to buy anything.  I’m feeling a heavy-handed wardrobe clear-out coming on…  Wish me luck.


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