OOTD: A little bit red

My apologies for things being a little sparse around here lately. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been tramping 3 of the last 4 weekends. And even though tramping in and of itself only happens on Saturday & Sunday, on Thursday night we’re food shopping and packing, on Friday night we’re driving to wherever it is we’re going, and usually Monday is spent un-packing, drying stuff out, and doing laundry… So yes, 2 days of tramping takes up the majority of any week!

But I do have some kind of exciting news.

cardigan: anthropologie,

cardigan: anthropologie, top: my ex-work, necklace: gift from D, skirt: trademe, boots: OTBT

You may notice that my hair is a little bit red. Rather, the teensiest bit red in the sun. I have dyed it just a shade or 2 different from my own, something a bit warmer for summer. I like it, although it is possibly too subtle as no one could actually tell anything had been done. Baby-steps, my friends, baby-steps!

cardigan: anthropologie

Playing with my new reddish hair!

I’ve been growing my hair out for a good solid 18 months now, and it’s just on shoulder length. Considering I’m one of those people who needs to mix their hair up every now and again, and as much as I am actually dying to just chop it back in to a pixie cut but am trying really hard to restrain myself (I mean, the hard part is all behind me now! Look how far I’ve gotten!)… I’m trying to distract myself from the tedious task of just growing it by dyeing it.

close-up: hair

close-up: hair

What do you think of the new colour?


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