Belated post: PhD Graduation Photos

Oh Dear!  I meant to post these photos ages ago (I mean, graduation was back in August!)!

A PhD is a loonnnngggg process.  Made even longer when you graduate a year after you actually submit.  So I had plenty of time to mull over exactly what I was going to wear, stalk dresses on the internet, go to London and try to buy exactly what I wanted…  and then come home with an entirely different dress than I had originally envisioned!  Finally I’m debuting the vintage Chloe dress I picked up at the Brick Lane Vintage market (literally the only dress I saw in London that appealed as a grad dress – and lucky for me it even fit!).  I promise to do another shot of it later with greater detail because well, it’s fabulous.

Scott of Scott Macshane Photography did an amazing job (as usual) capturing my big day, and here are the results!



Classic shot with the clocktower

Classic shot with the clocktower

Might be my favourite

Might be my favourite

So yes, in the end I went with a neutral dress and shoes to go with the burgundy gown.  I also didn’t splurge on fancy shoes like I had planned, just wore my existing, sensible black wedges.  And yes, I do wish I had done something different with my hair, but there is just no way to make the trencher look good.  Even though it’s technically early spring, I threw caution to the wind and wore velvet anyways.  I mean, you only graduate with a PhD once.


11 thoughts on “Belated post: PhD Graduation Photos

  1. It’s a perfect dress for the occasion. The burgundy gown needed something simple and elegant and you scored on both fronts! Kx

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