Halloween 2014 wrap up: Terrors of the deep?

2014 involved some reasonably ambitious costumes. I started several weeks ago, but still ended up furiously sewing all day the day of the party… Without further ado, here are the final products!

Mantis Shrimp!

Mantis Shrimp!

So, D went dressed as a mantis shrimp (or disco mantis shrimp, as I have nicknamed the costume). He didn’t actually choose to be a mantis shrimp. It was more of, he was too busy finishing his PhD (which he handed in last Thursday – YAY!!!) to really put any thought or effort into Halloween and didn’t really care what his costume was. So it was all up to me. [MUAHAHAHA] So I decided that he was going to be a mantis shrimp.

Back of the costume

Back of the costume

Seriously, this is what a mantis shrimp looks like

The costume is far superior looking from the back. I literally sewed the entire thing on Saturday (the party we attended was Saturday night). Talk about a rush job. It turned out better than I had expected! I really wasn’t sure how the eyes and all the pipecleaners were going to work out. Turns out pipecleaners are super easy to sew on. Who knew?

The most hilarious thing about this costume was the fact that D told everyone all the cool facts about the mantis shrimp all night long

  • Mantis shrimp has 3 pupils per eye
  • Mantis shrimp has 6 cones
  • They mate for life

Read more fun facts about the mantis shrimp here, on my favourite cartoon.

And now… MY costume! So let’s just preface this with, this was a costume idea that I’ve wanted to do for some time now. To the point where I found the fabric nearly a year ago.



So this costume was a bit of a nightmare. I was originally going to make a bodysuit. Cut the whole thing out, then decided instead to make a dress. The dress wasn’t very flattering, so I added a peplum. The fishy looking sleeves were D’s idea, and the fishtail skirt was a suggestion from a woman at work. All in all, it turned out rather well considering there was a lot of trial and error.

The mask was actually quite a bit easier to make. Paper mache a balloon, paint, add fins, and D made the light/switch and voila! Terrifying creature of the deep!

The Anglerfish is nearly as intriguing as the Mantis shrimp, read about it here.

Full ensemble - complete with Angelina Jolie-esque leg...

Full ensemble – complete with Angelina Jolie-esque leg…

The fish of nightmares!

Hope your Halloween was excellent! Now, to start thinking of costume ideas for 2015 (as I’m sure the mantis shrimp and anglerfish will have saturated pinterest and instagram with their popularity by then…).


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