OOTD: Date Night

My apologies as it’s been a few days since my last post. I knew this week was going to be crazy busy (last weekend was a 3 day holiday weekend here in NZ), D is finishing up his PhD thesis, due to hand in tomorrow, and tomorrow is also Halloween, with the big shindig coming up on Saturday. *Phew!*

So let’s catch up with an outfit from a couple of weeks back. D and I had date night at one of Dunedin’s primo restaurants (where Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were just spotted last week while they are here filming Rachel Weisz’s next movie).  It was Friday, so I pulled out one of my fabulous frocks that doesn’t get worn nearly often enough.


cardigan: witchery, dress: modcloth, belt: witchery, bag: dr. martens, shoes: modcloth (jeffrey campbell, who else?!)


LOVE these shoes.  No, I don’t wear them nearly often enough.

I also decided to try out this beachy waves tutorial on ABM.  And considering what a hair dunce I am, I am really quite pleased with the results.  It’s not something I’d do every day, mind you (I don’t care that much), but for special occasions, definitely!


Hey, wavy hair! 

With my hair being stick straight, I’ll admit I wish I had the energy to do that every day.  Or that perm technology improved immensely.  *sigh*

What are your hair woes?


14 thoughts on “OOTD: Date Night

  1. First off, I love this outfit! Very cute and quirky. The shoes are really a masterpiece.

    Secondly, my hair woe is that my hair is extremely thick and seems to grow very slowly. I’ve been trying to grow out my hair for years but there’s so much of it that it always looks frazzled unless I get it trimmed frequently. Blah. At least it’s hearty so it’s stood up to my many dyings. XD



    • I’m sure you’ve tried some smoothing serums? I had one with jojoba oil that worked really well. Just a little bit to catch flyaways.

      My hair grows reasonably fast, I think, but it’s just so fine – it’s a bit lifeless. I would wish for beautiful thick hair but I know we all have our hair complaints!

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