OOTD: Moto Jacket

I’ve been wanting to post some more casual outfits for a while. I think it’s too easy to get sucked into posting a certain type of look over and over again – when in fact I do wear jeans quite a lot (the American midwesterner in me just can’t help it).

And seeing as we are finally getting into some beautiful spring weather now, I finally felt comfortable ditching the parka for at least a day, and dared to venture out of my house in a non-hooded jacket *gasp*.

P9120181 cr

jacket: modcloth, top: witchery, necklace: modcloth, jeans: 7 for all mankind, boots: dr. martens

I adore this jacket (lack of hood notwithstanding) but find it’s a bit tricky to style. So here I’ve just gone very, very basic.


jacket action shot!

P9120200 cr

more jacket details

What is your favourite type of jacket to wear in spring?


11 thoughts on “OOTD: Moto Jacket

  1. Very cute jacket and tricked me into thinking it was a vest upon first glance ;-). I love the flowering trees! We are just past the peak of fall and it has been GORGEOUS weather here. My favorite spring/fall jackets are my super old faux suede jacket (you know the one, and yes I’m still wearing it a decade later) and I have a navy hooded jacket with tons of pockets and drawstrings. It makes me think of something you would wear on the seaside or on a boat for some reason.

    • Haha awesome that you are still wearing that jacket! 😀

      Also, it seems like there have just been a million flowering things out lately for the last month or so. Definitely loving it. 😀 Yay changing seasons!

  2. Love that jacket! I’ve been loving those moto jackets and almost got one myself last spring, but I ended up returning it (I didn’t think I could pull it off). I am in desperate need of a cute spring jacket. I was just thinking this the other day in fact and it’s not even spring! Perhaps because I don’t have any great fall jackets either, and I use them interchangeably.

    • You could totally pull off a moto jacket. 😀

      Spring jackets are the hardest. A trench coat is pretty classic though. I’m sure you could find one in a cute colour or print as well!

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