OOTD: Billy says it’s Haunted

So I have this teeny tiny thing -erm, obsession?- with Halloween. I also have an obsession for threadless t-shirts. Combine the two and BAM! You suddenly have a t-shirt that you really only feel you can get away with wearing in October…

But first, I had to show how awesome my jacket looks with rusty brown tights. I can’t help myself. (Yes, it is still cold enough most mornings to warrant a jacket).


jacket: Sam Edelmen (bluefly), tights: Witchery, Boots: Dr. Martens

And on to the t-shirt, as promised!  I can’t deny that I do feel a little silly wearing quite a heavily autumn themed outfit when in fact we’re going into spring here (note the beautiful NZ tree ferns in the background), but oh well.  Also, I appear to be channeling my inner Tina Fey.

Check out my hair!  It’s actually long enough that I can tie it back in my most favourite of lazy hairstyles.  I honestly don’t know when this happened – it kind of just happened overnight.  I was just magically able to put it back in a messy bun thing the other day and it was just like olden’ times.


cardigan: dotti (trademe), t-shirt: threadless, skirt: trademe, tights: witchery, boots: Dr. Martens

You might say I’ve gone a little overboard with the orange and black outfit, but let me just remind you, when it comes to Halloween there is no overboard.

Here we were trying to catch the glowing – yes, glowing! – of the shirt (of course it glows in the dark!).


No glow?

No seriously, it glows

Happy October!  Take advantage of the month and wear all your fave October/Halloween/Autumn goods, as this wonderful month only comes around once a year.


14 thoughts on “OOTD: Billy says it’s Haunted

  1. I love this outfit so much- it doesn’t get much better than those amazing boots! I love checking out the designs on Threadless, but I’ve only ever bought them as gifts- I probably need to change that soon 🙂

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