Dunedin Street Style – 2014 edition

It has been far, far too long since Scott and I got out to do some Dunedin street style photos.  I hope you’ll forgive me as it’s been a busy year!

So without further adieu, here is the latest and greatest in Dunedin street style.

First up, Sara kindly agreed to let us take her photo.  We were instantly struck by the cat tights, which are so super cool (we’re gutted we didn’t photograph them from the back as well!).  Sara does most of her shopping in Dunedin at stores like Wild Pair and Glassons, but her awesome jacket is from the USA.

I loved her Docs as well and had to ask how many pairs she owned (as earlier in the week I had been talking to a work colleague who owns est 20 pairs of Docs!  Admittedly her collection has been growing since the 90s but still, impressive).  Sara owns 2 pairs of docs but would like more (wouldn’t we all?).  We also asked her what trends she felt were coming in for spring and summer, and she said the 90s, which is pretty evident from her look which is definitely 90s inspired.  I especially loved the choker, and the galaxy print top!





Next up we had a shy student, who kindly allowed us to photograph her awesome yellow boots, which were purchased in China.

Yellow boots!

A shy subject with awesome yellow boots!

Then we had Maryanne.  We loved that she was wearing the same boots as Sara – but styled in a completely different way.  This is a very Dunedin look, great juxtaposition of summer and winter with the shorts paired with a heavy cardigan.  I love the simplicity of this look!  When asked about upcoming trends for spring/summer, Maryanne felt floral is going to be a big trend.



And last but not least we stopped Maya, as her beautiful, brightly coloured jersey stood out amongst the often seen black and grey.  Her fantastic jumper is from an op shop.  I also loved how she mixed different prints together, and of course, her boots and socks combo.  Maya’s favourite Dunedin stores are The Op Shop and Paperbag Princess.  We discussed 2nd hand clothing at length, and how it has a strong hunter-gatherer effect (especially finding a rare hand-knitted jersey).  Maya hails from our capital city, which has a strong op shop culture, and began her op shopping at a young age with her mum.



Detail: Backpack

Love this backpack!

A huge thanks to Sara, Maryanne and Maya (and my apologies if I’ve misspelled your name.  Please let me know and I will correct it in the post).  And of course, a huge thanks to Scott of Scott Macshane Photography!  Even though Dunedin isn’t really known as a fashion Mecca (apart from when ID happens in March, but that is another story altogether), street style is just another reason never to leave the house in something you wouldn’t be happy to have your photograph taken in, because you never know who might be out watching.  😉


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