OOTD: Tapestry skirt + red tights

Hello readers!  Not too much to say about this outfit apart from I was wearing some new tights, which I received free from my boss!  It’s the 2nd pair of tights I’ve gotten from co-workers, as it must be a habit around here of buying cool tights then never wearing them and instead handing them off to me.  I don’t mind as I LOVE tights and I think we’ve seen that I’ll wear pretty much anything – especially the free, new, cute kind!


cardi + top: my ex-work, skirt: trademe, tights: free from my boss!, shoes: dr martens


close-up – love the textures and colours!

P9240545 cr

Yes, that is a conspicuously large, shoe-shaped box…

And yes, I’m making a sad face as these shoes I bought were faulty and I had to send them back.  Gutted.  But fortunately, Nasty Gal sent a pre-paid return, so all I had to do was drop them off at my local UPS.  Piece of cake!  Major kudos to Nasty Gal for making it the easiest return ever.  The only thing that could make Nasty Gal more awesome would be slightly more neutral packaging.  I had those delivered to my work.  I can only imagine what sort of things my co-workers envisioned I was ordering from a company called Nasty Gal.  I know, super professional.  I would have packages sent to my house, but they tend to get stolen.  😦  So, work it is (yay for everyone in the office knowing exactly how much online shopping you do…  oh wait, or not.  They probably all think you have a problem.  Actually, I am pretty sure D and my flatmates all think I have a problem. *sigh*  That’s a topic for another day…).  On that note, I hope any shoes you buy are faultless, and your customer service is impeccable!


14 thoughts on “OOTD: Tapestry skirt + red tights

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely colours! You put four very different items together so easily. No colleague has ever given me any clothing items: do you drop hints? Kx

    • Thank you! Honestly no – I’m just sort of the young (relatively – compared to most of my co-workers) fashion-y one. I think I inherit the tights mostly because I do wear tights A LOT – and often they are quite colourful! 😀

  2. What a perfect gift from your colleagues. I can never have too many tights in my life, hehe. Loving the vibrant tapestry print on that skirt to bits…what a perfect fall piece 🙂

  3. Cute! I love the textures of the skirt and tights together, and the details make your docs extra-great. Good to know about Nasty Gal – I’m always hesitant to buy shoes online (and I’m lazy about returns,) but that sounds like no trouble at all.


  4. That skirt! Omg, omg omg. I think I saw something very similar on ModCloth at some point. The only thing that stopped me from getting it was the length. Even though it would look like a mini on me, I’m starting to regret my decision not to get it. Seeing it on you just makes me want to have it all over again. Haha. So amazing!

    – Anna


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