Best Northern Hemispere Autumn 2014 trend: Hiking boots

Sure, we’re going into Spring down here in the good ol’ Southern Hemisphere, but I just had to share my current favourite Northern Hemisphere trend: Hiking boots!

It’s no surprise really, considering how much I love hiking, that I’m totally stoked at this trend. I hope it hangs around for a wee while!

Obviously, I don’t really need another pair of boots (and certainly not at the prices below), but I can still admire from afar. I would wear both of the boots below in a heartbeat.

Matt Bernson Maitland Hiker Lace-up Boot $345 USD Urban Outfitters (Currently 25% off until Monday Oct 6)

I ADORE the look below. And as an FYI, those hiking boots are totally legit. Danner is a brand that I’m familiar, although we don’t get them here in NZ.

Danner Mountain Light Hiker Boot $330 USD Urban Outfitters (25% off until Monday, Oct 6)

Is there something trending right now that you can’t get enough of?


2 thoughts on “Best Northern Hemispere Autumn 2014 trend: Hiking boots

  1. I am not a huge fan of hiking boots (as I do not partake in hiking) but those first boots are gorgeous! I kind of like the ‘jogging pants’ trend, or whatever those loose pants with tapered legs are called. They look really comfy.

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