NEWS #2: I’ve started an additional blog

Actually, I can’t take credit for the new blog – it was all D’s idea.  Yes, we’ve officially started a tramping blog called Backcountry Hijinks.  If you like reading all about my tramping adventures and really anything related to New Zealand tramping, that is the place to go.

Au revoir, friends!  (Roy's peak near Wanaka, Sept 21 2014)

Roy’s peak near Wanaka, Sept 21 2014

I think this means I will stop posting stories of tramping here, and officially separate out my seemingly incongruous loves: tramping and fashion.  This does make me a little sad, but in the end does seem more sensible.  I will leave my past tramping posts in place, but will re-post our past tramping adventures over at the new blog as well, to keep them all in one place.

This will not be the end of this blog, of course. 😀 I will still keep posting here as often. It just means I have a stand-alone tramping blog to run as well!

Happy tramping!


2 thoughts on “NEWS #2: I’ve started an additional blog

    • Thanks for he feedback! I really struggle with my (blog’s) identity… Is it fashion/tramping/sewing… I can’t help but wonder if all the different influxes put readers off following me regularly if I’m not consistent. 😛

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