NEWS #1: New camera!

So if you follow me on facebook – or checked out my recent foray into instagram, you will already know that I HAVE A NEW CAMERA!

CAMERA!!!  Squeeee!

CAMERA!!! Squeeee!

Not just any camera, the camera that I’ve been blogging about and dreaming about for the past year and a half.

Yes, I am the proud owner of an Olympus OMD-EM5 aka “the camera of my dreams” (mostly small as is a micro four-thirds, but photo quality near DSLR, also weatherproof body and lenses. Meaning I can take it tramping without the level of paranoia associated with other cameras and moisture. Also, because it’s relatively small and light for a DSLR, it means I actually will take it tramping, as the best camera to take tramping is the one that actually makes it into your pack). This should hopefully improve the quality of the photos here hugely. But have patience, friends, as this is my first DLSR-ish camera, and will take me some time to learn to use it properly.

Also, we can thank my amazing bf D for this, as it was my graduation gift. Yes, he is the best bf ever and scored all the boyfriend points with this beauty.

Taking my camera out for a test drive

Taking my camera out for a test drive

Watch out world.  I’m pretty certain this camera will change my life.


5 thoughts on “NEWS #1: New camera!

  1. Yay for awesome gifts from awesome significant others! I recently just bought the hubs and I little ying and yang necklaces to wear under our shirts, like a big fun secret. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see all the pictures you take with it! and stellar outfit, by the way. I’m all for ugly clothes. 😀


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