It’s been quiet around here lately

There haven’t been a ton of posts lately and I swear that is because I’ve been busy here in the background, developing content (I may also still be trying to catch up to the current season of Dr. Who….  I’ve just started season 5 with the last Dr, Matt Smith). I have several exciting things to share in the upcoming days/weeks/months (sometimes it takes me quite a while to follow things through and get around to posting them). So that is all I can promise for now.

In the meantime, you have to check out Into-mind. Aka, this is absolutely my new favourite site.

I’m absolutely loving the post on Method Dressing and I can’t encourage you enough to go and read it. I must admit I’m always finding myself in a style rut, which then means I buy things (to make my wardrobe feel fresh again), which means I end up with a huge and out-of-control wardrobe.

I’m definitely a statement piece + neutrals (basics) girl, although I also do set outfits. I think this is because I’m naturally drawn statement pieces, and worked for 5 years at a clothing company that made neutrals (basics). So this is largely what my wardrobe consists of. I used to do more set outfits, but I think having this blog and reading others has really encouraged me to break out of set outfits.

I suspect my problem is that I have too many statement pieces. I’ve mentioned this before and I really do believe it’s true. I’ve once again mulled over investing in the stylebook app, photographing everything (Oh God). Can you really teach an old fashionista new and better wardrobe management? I’d like to, but considering the next 3 weekends are devoted to tramping, tramping and more tramping, I know I just don’t have the time right now.

I must just try and work through some of the exercises on Into-mind, and start with dividing my wardrobe up into statement pieces, basics and mid-range items so that I can analyze my wardrobe strengths and weaknesses.  WISH ME LUCK!  😀


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