More styles from the 90s are coming…. Can I just hide somewhere until they go away?

Sometimes I think I am getting too old, and I’m starting to care less and less about having the latest and greatest trendy thing to be writing a fashion blog. And today is one of those days, as I stumbled across birkentstocks, complete with socks on the free people website (in my quest for some cute highly discounted sandals).

Birkenstocks with SOCKS!

Birkenstocks with SOCKS!

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Seriously, this is not a fluke

Seriously, this is not a fluke

Birkenstocks in multiple colours, multiple styles, all with socks (I particularly loathe the upper right hand corner one with the fluffy socks, ripped jeans and leopard print jacket *shudders*).

I am not actually quite old enough to really have done the whole birkenstocks thing – it was really more my older sister’s generation. But there is no way in hell I’m doing it now. At least my sister might get her wish that when her daughters are teenagers (currently 6 & 9), flannel shirts will be back in fashion. I just don’t think I can do grunge… It’s so sloppy (yes, I am getting old)! Dr martens, I love. Don’t get me wrong. But the flannel and the ripped jeans and denim overalls and birkenstocks? I think it will be highly unlikely.

Have you seen anything lately that has just shaken you to your fashionista core?


8 thoughts on “More styles from the 90s are coming…. Can I just hide somewhere until they go away?

    • I’ve come to accept some cute little socks and sandals can be pulled off by some people, but there is no way those thick socks and birkenstocks will ever be cool.

      …Although now that I think about it, I should get some birkenstocks as my “hut shoes” (for tramping). I would be the trendiest backpacker around!

  1. I remember when 70s styles were considered the worst and they tried to make the bell bottoms “happen” again. Now I see the horrible 80s & 90s looks from my youth trying to make a comeback and hope they’ll flop too. They were awful enough the first time around!

  2. I find it so, so, SO bizarre that nineties fashion is coming back in style. Except for a very few things (which are more timeless than specifically 90s), a lot of that fashion was just not nice to look at. Neon colors- oh, those hurt my eyes! Weird harem pants that look odd no matter who you are (unless you are a genie.)

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