Fabulous Frock Friday: Taming of the scarf

Lets just say we had something like gale force winds for a few days at the end of July/beginning of August, and there was no way I was going to get a decent photo. So I just embraced the wind.


scarf: witchery, cardigan: my ex-work, dress: modcloth, tights: anthropologie

And sought out my inner Matador.


Hello wind!

Yes, the tights are super trippy and I don’t nearly get an occasion to wear them often enough!  I once nearly caused a guy to fall off his bike because he was staring at my tights and not at the road.  Oops?


scarf: witchery, cardigan: my ex-work, dress: modcloth, tights: anthropologie, boots: OTBT Hutchinson

I love this burnt orange coloured dress with just a hint of contrasting mint along the keyhole neckline.  I couldn’t help but match it with minty green and blue tights…  And possibly my nails.  I should really apologize, but I’m loving this colour combo at the moment (inspired by the duvet cover, I’ll admit).

Focus on nails

nail art!

What are your tips for dealing with uncooperative photography weather?  Any colour combos you seem to be gravitating towards more often lately?


11 thoughts on “Fabulous Frock Friday: Taming of the scarf

  1. The yellow and orange are so perfect together! Love that pairing ❤ Usually when the weather is being crazy (e.g. really windy), I just try to go with it and see if I can capitalize on it somehow. More often than not it ends up working in my favor! 😀 Also, this reminds me…I need to wear more scarves. I think that might be my next style challenge. Haha.

    – Anna


  2. These pictures are so cute! I love the color combo in your outfit as well. When it’s incredibly windy I just do my best do pose with the wind haha! I just take about three times more shots than normal.

  3. We get so much wind here. And it is more annoying with shorter hair, oddly enough. With long hair, I could still often stand in a direction to make it look “wind-machine blown” or I could put it up in braids or something. Those are still my best tips….

    So funny we both posted about scarves. This one is lovely! A fun color story to the whole look really.

    • So true! 😀 At least with long hair you can just tie it back – or yes, get it to behave a bit more. Shorter hair just seems to stand straight up!

      Thanks for the helpful tips and kind words!

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