OOTD: I had the wierdest dream

So a couple of quick shots. The first one I’m debuting a keyhole top from Witchery that I picked up earlier in the season. The photo was really average so yes, I did a terrible thing and used the glamour glow filter but honestly I was desperate!


top: witchery, pants: anthropologie, shoes: dr.martens

Moving on… This was another attempt and not matching. I know it’s difficult to see, but the skirt actually has super bright yellow polka dots. I possibly ruined the whole “I’m not matching” look with the blue print scarf, but honestly, I’m trying. It’s just so hard to quash the inner desire to match colours!


scarf: witchery, jumper: kinki gerlinki, skirt: trademe (modcloth), boots: dr. martens

I don’t usually remember my dreams these days, but for some reason I was able to remember several from last night, one of which was totally weird. I was back in MN and was visited by one of the bloggers I follow as she did a round the US road trip! I took her and her friends around to all the cool foodie/hipster spots in Minneapolis (honestly, I wouldn’t even know where those places are anymore!). I think it may have been my first blogging dream. I will freely admit that there are several bloggers who I wish I could meet in person as I think it would be fun! Internet friends possibly becoming real friends? I know, a pipe dream.

As an aside, I had a second dream which involved the gym I attend (yay! exercising in your sleep!), and Monster trucks. Yes Monster trucks and exercise in the same dream. Yes, there was more than one Monster truck. Need I say more? Except that the most memorable nightmare I had as an adult was about accounting (and the accounting paper I was taking in my undergrad at the time).

How much stock do you put in your dreams? Is it your subconscious sending you messages? Or just a mix of random brain goop sloshing around while you sleep?


7 thoughts on “OOTD: I had the wierdest dream

  1. My dreams are sick. 😛 so random I dont bother making any sense out of them. :/ and I completely agree about wanting some bloggers I follow and making them more than just virtual friends because they are so cool 🙂
    I lovedddd the keyhole top and that whole look. U look like such a stud 😀

    • Haha, yes I know some people have the craziest dreams. Mine usually aren’t too weird, mostly related to stuff in my everday life.

      Thank you! 😀

  2. Omg those pants! I feel like I can’t look at anything else. My eyes are just glued to them. o_O Wow! ❤

    P.S. – My dreams are almost always weird and make no sense. Incidentally, back when I was studying Eastern Religion and Philosophy, I had better dreams. The class was centered on the subconscious and how it can affect our daily lives. We were required to keep a dream journal and write what we remembered immediately after waking up from a dream and even drawing pictures of what we saw. Just the act of doing that helped commit more details to memory. Now, whether you actually WANT to remember any of that weird stuff, is another issue entirely. Haha.

    – Anna


    • Interesting! So when you say better, were they clearer, more pleasant or easier to remember?

      I used to keep a dream journal for a while… eventually gave it up (or just fell out of habit). Maybe I should start up again – but this time with the illustrations?! The monster truck drawing would have been HILARIOUS! 😀

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