The new duvet cover was a hit

You may or may not remember my recent post about the awesome new duvet cover I recently made [and am still so excited about]?

My new duvet cover!

My new duvet cover!

Well, it’s like sleeping under a cloud. Which is amazing considering it’s the same duvet inner as always. Even D commented that it seems much warmer now than it did before. This is a testament to how pathetic, threadbare and thin our other duvet covers had gotten.

I shouldn’t be surprised. As a textile scientist, I know fully well that thickness = warmth. But the fabric I used for the duvet cover is not exceptionally thick. It’s just a nice, high quality, ordinary 100% cotton plain weave fabric. Regardless, that little bit of extra thickness has made a noticeable difference in the warmth of our duvet!

D actually joking suggested that I make another duvet cover so that we always have a nice one on the bed when this one is in the laundry!! For him to even joke about this really says something.

So what colour/print/pattern would you choose if you were to make your own duvet cover (I highly suggest browsing the nearly endless selection over at


9 thoughts on “The new duvet cover was a hit

  1. Ooh I love it! The fabric has a bit of a midcentury vibe to it…so pretty. I have a duvet from Anthropologie and I love the print on it, but I wish it was thicker. Down the road I would much prefer to make my own.

    • Ooh, I bet your anthro duvet is gorgeous!

      Yes, definitely make your own! It’s really not that hard. ๐Ÿ˜€ And there are so many fabrics to choose from, your design possibilities are endless!

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