OOTD: Fabulous Frock Friday July 11

Is it still a fabulous frock friday when the fabulous frock is mostly hidden? I’m going to go with yes, it still is. I’ve been trying to remix some of my favourite frocks a bit more with skirts, etc. and I must say I’m pretty pleased at this particular iteration*.


dress: modcloth, jumper: kinki gerlinki, skirt: trademe, boots: frames (local Dunedin shoe store)


Yay for wearing a dress only for its collar!

What is your favourite way to remix or layer dresses?

*Probably the only stats reference that will ever feature on this blog. You’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “OOTD: Fabulous Frock Friday July 11

  1. I wish I was more bold with mixing/matching! I’d probably tend to keep things pretty simple (some might say “boring”, haha). Of course, my wardrobe is kind of limited at the moment what with the whole 34 weeks pregnant thing going on. I couldn’t help grabbing a bag of cheap shirts/tanks from target this weekend to pull me through the rest of the summer!

  2. Yesssssssssssss! I love this! I do that all the time (because I’m a crazy person and apparently I don’t mind wearing a whole lot of clothes at once heh). I love the peek of stripes from the back and the buttons on the back of the sweater are too cute! ❤

    – Anna


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