Give your bed a Mod Makeover


Hi all! I’m so excited to share my latest (and greatest? Haha. Whatever project is most recent is always the greatest!) project with you. Earlier this year, I was lamenting the fact that even though I’m now working, I’m *trying* to be frugal and though I’d love to get new bedding for D & myself, it just wasn’t practical when we can get by with what we already have (despite it being old, unattractive, and wearing out – we’re talking fabric so thin you can see through it, pills and even small holes! Yes, appalling.). Well, I found what had to be the most perfect fabric ever to make new bedding and I couldn’t resist (Mr. Moneymoustache would not approve).

There is a really fantastic online tutorial here which I generally followed. So this post is not so much a tutorial, more of a “Hey, look what I made!”

I started out by measuring our existing duvet cover and pillow cases, working out how much fabric I would need based on my fabric’s width (45″). I ordered 10 yards for the duvet cover, and 1 yard for each pillowcase and used every last bit of fabric (I’ll admit I cut it a bit fine. If you are concerned about aligning your print I would get another half yard or so. I was lucky in that my print repeated measured up exactly to the length of my pattern pieces!). I made the patterns for each of my pieces and added on seam allowances, etc. based on my measurements. The patterns all ended up being very exciting rectangles, so I will *mostly* spare you the details.


My beautiful pattern pieces.

All cut out!

All cut out!


The only small challenge for this project was working with a LOT of fabric all at once is a little unwieldy at times.


Topstitching my seams

One of the main changes I made from the tutorial above was that I didn’t do the french seams. I recently came into possession of 4-thread overlocker, so I overlocked all my seams instead. SO much easier than doing french seams, they resulted in a beautiful, professional looking seam finish and honestly worked a treat. It made a reasonably straightforward project even easier!

Overlocker! <3

Overlocker! ❤

Yes, even my sewing machines are pretty retro! In all honesty though, I prefer a slightly older mechanical sewing machine to the newer ones. You really can’t beat their quality and reliability!


Hemming the pillowcases!

Finally, the finished product! I’m pretty pleased overall with the turnout. The fabric is by Michael Miller “Mid Century Modern Atomic”, it also comes in green. I think it’s pretty obvious why I had to have it. It’s uber retro, but it’s an abstract atom print and with D being a chemist… You get the idea. [D being the precise scientist thought the atoms were a bit of a stretch, and real atoms don’t look like that, but I see them]. I loved the coordinating atomic dot print as well, and couldn’t decide between black and white, and orange and black, so just got both! Plenty of pillowcases!


The finished result – super retro/Mod bed!

asdflkj asdf

No, I couldn’t decide which colour I wanted for the pillows, so I choose both!


Love these 3 fabrics together

Yes, I’ll admit it is a bit bold, but I still love it. And the fabric is just so much more beautiful to sleep under than our other horrible duvets.

It wasn’t the cheapest project, although the fabric was on sale, I paid $111 USD + $41 NZD shipping + $9 NZD for snaps.  Also I bought the overlocker, and although it was second hand…  You get the idea.  The cost of the materials was still cheaper than buying a duvet cover pre-made, particularly once of such quality cotton fabric, but who am I kidding?  I’m sure you could get one cheaper from Target or Ikea or the like.

Regardless, would you try this project in order to get your own perfect, customized bedding? I’ll admit it’s my first foray into bedding, but it was so easy and took so little time that I would definitely make another duvet cover some day (I feel pretty confident this one will last for many years. I will probably tire of it long before it needs replacing)! I wasn’t sure how I would feel with seams in my duvet cover (most are made of superwide fabric and seam free), but honestly I’ve aligned the print well enough that the seams aren’t very obvious. And pillowcases are a piece of cake! If you’re a super beginner, try making a basic pillowcase (or 2!). It’s just a rectangle and will give you some confidence sewing and practice topstitching as well.

Happy Sewing!



6 thoughts on “Give your bed a Mod Makeover

  1. It looks gorgeous! Bold prints and colour combinations are always the best, and your bed looks so happy with all that pattern on it. I’m jealous of your overlocker, I could do with one of those! xx

    • Hahaha. Yes, a sewing machine is a VERY handy machine to have around. I use mine all the time (boyfriend is VERY hard on clothes, I am quite often doing very glamorous mending). 😀

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