OOTD: Sam Edelman Jacket

Hello! And yes, once again I’ve gotten behind on my posts! You know how life just kind of comes out of nowhere and punches you in the face with crap like doing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom, etc. Somehow you have to squeeze posting to your blog in as well and it just well, gets squeezed out!

This was the last of my jacket purchases this season. OK, yes I admit now that I probably went overboard, but this was the jacket I desperately wanted and thought it was sold out, so bought the other one from ASOS instead, then turned out this one was still available and bought it too, yada yada yada, no I don’t have a shopping problem, it’s cold and having a variety of jackets is important. I’m wearing the size Small which I was worried could be too small to wear a jersey, etc. underneath but it’s actually totally fine. I think a Medium would have been OK too, if you wanted your jacket to be a bit more oversized. It’s not quite as slimming as on the model as it is on me, but overall I’m pleased.

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jacket: Sam Edelman (bluefly.com), scarf: witchery, jumper: free (clothing swap!), jeans: 7 for all mankind, boots: Dr. Martens

I loved the contrasting olive and black (and tan trim!). And best of all, the fur part of the hood is removable! I have been wearing it with the fur as it actually is pretty cute and suits the overall look of the coat, but finding a jacket with a hood that didn’t have fur on it was nearly impossible for some reason this season. *sigh* I managed it in the end, but honestly, it was akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

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Would you believe this is just outside my work building?

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This is actually a completely different outfit/day, but at least you can see the back of the jacket.Β  I love the curved hem.

What is your number one gripe about buying coats (e.g. they always have _______ or never seem to have _______)?


12 thoughts on “OOTD: Sam Edelman Jacket

  1. All the coats I want to buy are online and then it is so hard to tell if things will fit etc. My last nice one (aka not a ski jacket for those cold days, but a pea coat) I got from etsy with my measurements and that worked pretty well.

  2. OMG!!! I love your coat~!! I love the multi-tones and beautiful details! I like coats…but they always seem bulky to me! The key, I think, is to find something cinched in the waist, exactly like your coat!!

    • Yes, I always feel as though I am out of season with the rest of the blogging world. Even the other NZ bloggers seem to be farther north so never as wintery as my recent posts!

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