Fabulous Frock Friday: Put your sewing skills where your mouth is

Hi All. This post is a little out of order, but I was just too excited and I had to share my latest (and greatest?) sewing project with you. Yes, I’m finally putting my sewing skills where my mouth is…? Yeah that sounds weird, but you get the idea. For months now, I’ve been saying that creating a modcloth looking (nearly identical?) dress is not only possible, but a money saving piece of cake. Well, now I shall make good on my promise.

You may or may not remember me posting about the dress below last November during Modcloth’s Black Friday sale? I loved it, but then hmmmed and hawwwwed about it and… (surprise, surprise!) missed out completely. I was pretty gutted as it was on sale for 50% off (from $79.99) and pretty much the only mocloth dress I’ve seen and absolutely loved in quite some time.

Modcloth Be Outside Dress in Baroque

Back of dress!

Since I missed out completely and the dress is no longer available, there was really only 1 option. Sew my own. Admittedly, I couldn’t find the exact baroque fabric, so I went with a damask print instead.

Pattern adjustments

Pattern adjustments

I had to make a couple of minor adjustments to New Look 6223, including making the sleeveless bodice into more of a “cap” looking sleeve, and adding the V-neck in the back.

Cutting out

Cutting out

I had 3 yards of fabric, so plenty to ensure that I could align the prints (hence the slightly odd layout above). At this point, I was quite concerned that the print would be a little too much for an entire dress and I was making a huge mistake. You can be the judge.

And ready to assemble!

And ready to assemble!

It took me just over a week to complete the dress, sewing mostly in the evening. I would estimate it took me 10-12 hours total.


Just a hint of dress

something else

coat: kenneth cole (amazon.com), scarf & cardigan: my ex-work, dress: made by me, shoes: dr. martens


In my quest to avoid to much “matchy-matchy”, I went with a plum cardigan

Front of dress!

The entire dress!

Back of dress

Back of dress – ignore the wrinkles due to me standing oddly after I had been sitting at a desk all day. Instead, check out the most amazingly aligned print ever seen!

So all up? $24.46USD (plus shipping!) for 3 yards of fabric at fabric.com, about $4 for lining, and $4 for the zip. The pattern I had already used this year (I made this version about 3″ shorter than the previous dress and pattern had called for). So I probably didn’t save much money from actually buying the super discounted modcloth one, but I must say I did a better job at aligning the print on the dress than Modcloth’s version.

All up I’m 90% pleased with the result.  The neckline is a little high (I will lower it at least 1/4-1/2″ if I use this pattern again), and I do prefer the knee length dress (the pattern as is ends up a bit below the knee).  And next time I will iron the dress like mad before I take any photos…

Now, on to the next sewing project!


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