Make your own Modcloth Alluring Acres Dress in Peacock

I knew something about this dress seemed familiar when I spotted in on Modcloth today (the dress isn’t even available for sale on their site yet – it’s coming soon), apart from it being totally gorgeous and utterly wearable, of course.

Alluring Acres Dress in Peacock by Modcloth – $109.99

AHA! Yes here is the exact fabric at! (Alternatively, check out the other colourway here)

Midnight Plume Metallic Peacock Navy $10.98 USD/yard at

So why wait (and then pay $109.99!) when you can make your own for less now, right?

Butterick 4443 – (only 2 yards of fabric needed!)

The dress pattern above only calls for 2 yards of fabric. 1 yard for lining, plus a zip, the pattern and thread, I would estimate you could make this dress paying full price for everything for under $50 USD. If you’re a bargain hunter, even cheaper. Plus, this would be a great beginner’s project as it’s an “easy to sew pattern”!

Have I convinced you of the economics of making your own modcloth inspired dress yet?


7 thoughts on “Make your own Modcloth Alluring Acres Dress in Peacock

    • That is great to hear! Sewing is such a useful skill! I’m trying to improve my skills as I’ve gotten a little rusty in years past (a case of use it or lose it!).

    • I am lucky in that I learned to sew at a young age! I think it’s pretty basic now, but remember being very frustrated at learning over the years! There is a great site that does “Sew alongs” if you want to try and teach yourself Otherwise, I would suggest taking an introductory class. The pattern above would be a good learning project as well as it’s pretty simple. πŸ˜€ Good luck!

      • Thanks for the link. Will definitely try it out and tell you how it goes. πŸ˜€
        As for introductory classes, my mom actually enrolled me in one of those when I was 12-13, and I hated it back then so much that I used to take it upon myself to do a convincing act of a stomach pain or a flu bout every day πŸ˜› :’) now I realize why mom said I might regret this one day … Haha!

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