OOTD: Art to wear (one of my best UK purchases)

So this is a post I’ve been dying to do for a while, I was just slow about getting photos taken. But it’s time to un-vale one of the best things I purchased in the UK. Drumroll please….

If this isn't an academica chic look, I don't know what is...

top: trademe, skirt, made by mum!, belt: thrifted, tights: witchery, boots: OTBT, bag: Dr. Martens Bosch 11″ satchel

Yes, it’s my Dr. Marten Hieronymus Bosch “The garden of earthly delights” bag. Now, I had actually seen this bag online on the Dr. Marten website (and had incidentally pinned it on my pinterest fashion board ages ago!). And we saw it Day 1 of our London journey at the Dr. Marten store near Covent Gardens. And though I loved it, I assumed it would be too expensive (several hundred £ and therefore didn’t even ask the price), and because it was day 1, I wasn’t prepared to do any shopping yet (you never know, you might see something you like more and then come regret your purchase).

Well. Fast forward to 3 weeks later, our last day of London, not having seen any bags that I truly loved and finding out that satchels at Camden market were about £70-85, and the Bosch Dr. Marten satchel was actually only £125. So I went back to the Dr. Martens Covent Garden store to buy the Bosch satchel. Except they were sold out. In fact, they were sold out everywhere in London except the Westfield mall at Stratford (near the Olympic village), but they rang the store and asked the bag to be put on hold for me. Which was a 30 min tube ride away, and it’s about 3 pm on the afternoon of the day we are supposed to leave, mind you, our flight departing at 10 pm and needing to be to the airport no later than about 8.

Talk about leaving it to the last minute, eh? Well, after some to and fro-ing, I decided to venture out to Westfield alone on the tube and get the bag. Ok, it wasn’t much of an adventure – it all went super smoothly, was pretty much a straight shot, the mall was literally connected to the tube stop at Stratfield, I found the store immediately and bought the bag without any problem. But still, I went halfway across London to get the absolute last one of these bags [they were also sold out online, I know because we checked]. Literally the only bag I’ve seen in possibly years and actually loved. Totally worth it and the £125.

This print is amazing!

something else

The painting is filled with symbolism and is in my opinion, absolutely beautiful and fantastic. The brilliant colours. In many ways it reminds me a bit of Salvador Dali’s works (the only thing better in my mind that a bag with a Hieronymus Bosch painting would be one with Salvador Dali’s work instead).

Love at first.... bag?

Love at first…. bag?

So to be carrying around such a great representation of wearable art is really fun. And actually is a great souvenir of my UK trip, since one of the highlights was all the fantastic art… Although sadly “The Garden of Earthly Delights” is in Madrid. But I already know I need to make a pilgrimage to Spain to pay homage to Dali. Art vacation tour, anyone?

If you could pick a single piece of art to wear as a piece of clothing or accessory, which one would you pick? And what sort of item would you wear it as?


14 thoughts on “OOTD: Art to wear (one of my best UK purchases)

  1. Woww I loveeee the bag.! And the efforts you’ve taken to buy it made this post a great read! 😀 I’m like that when I’ve got my mind fixated on something 😛
    And about your question, have you heard of Raja Ravi Varma paintings? I ve always fancied getting his paintings done on a saree (Indian traditional garb) or on a dress! 🙂

    • Thank you! Haha, yes and it makes a decent story. Also, the lesson here is if I really love something that much, just buy it the FIRST time otherwise I might miss out! Luckily I didn’t, but it was pretty close!

  2. That is AWESOME. I love it. And apart from being beautiful, it actually looks like a really good, usefully sized bag as well…double win!

    • Thank you! Yes I desperately needed (wanted?) a leather satchel for AGES! The only downside is doing up the buckles every time you want in. 😛 I imagine this is the case with all satchels though.

  3. I think this is one of my favorite looks from you, this year. The colors are spot on. The blouse is just darling and that bag! Omg omg omg. ❤ Your beaming smile says it all, too. Haha. You lucky duck! ^_^ Hmm… a single piece of art….if it were pixelated art, I'd wear it as a dress. 😀

    – Anna


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