Thinking warm thoughts…

So you may or may not be following my pinterest page – where I pin pretty much every cute thing I come across on the internet.  I haven’t shared any stylish gems in a while, and even though we’re in the midst of winter down here in the Southern Hemisphere, I know summer is just around the corner!

So without further ado, a few items that I’m wishing for.


Amalfi by Rangoni Women’s Gaila Wedge Sandal $127 USD

I totally can’t justify the above as they are expensive AND way too similar to the snakeprint wedge sandal I bought last year. But they are so totally adorable. I can’t help but love them.

Oryany Reilly Cross-Body Bag $143

We all know how bad I am at handbags (as in, I barely own any), so the above would be an excellent, albeit summery addition to my sparse collection.

Anthropologie Lunada Tee $68 USD

Another summery item but I just love how comfy but still adorable this top is! Would definitely be a summer staple.

ASOS Darling Lace top – On Sale $42.36NZD

The blouse is just so feminine and pretty and romantic. I love it.

Pale Wash Lillie Skater Skirt $60

A denim skirt that SO isn’t a denim skirt. Absolutely an essential basic for warm weather!

Austin Reed Magenta Textured Dress 59GBP (on sale)

I’m loving anything Magenta at the moment. The dress above is elegant (perfect for work – aka, professional clothing – another huge gaping hole in my wardrobe), but with beautiful details and the colour is stunning! Love, love, love!

Have you started planning next season’s wardrobe yet?


6 thoughts on “Thinking warm thoughts…

  1. Can you follow pinterest if you are not on it? But more importantly I love that lace shirt. I have one already in black and white and it was so useful for work, which makes me think that you can’t really have too many shirts.

    • That is a good question! I think you might have to be on pinterest. I can totally understand not joining… “just another thing” and all! 😀

      I need more shirts as they are perfect for work, and so many are really cute now! Much less stuffy looking then they were a few years ago.

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