OOTD: 7 for all mankind high waist skinny jeans reviewed

Here are a couple of quick pics from last week!  In the first, I’m debuting my new 7 for all mankind high waist skinnys!  YAY (er…  sort of.  Will explain)!  After getting a hole in my other 7 for all mankind skinny jeans and watching the denim get increasingly and alarmingly thin over the last year,  I finally caved and bought a new pair.  I bought them through REVOLVE clothing as the shipping was free – and as an international shopper, way cheaper than buying them through the 7 for all mankind website.

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coat: asos, jumper: trademe, necklace: gift, top: my ex-work, jeans: my new 7s!!!, boots: trademe (eject)

However, I am also disappointed in them as they are enormous compared to my other Sevens (you can see how bunchy they are above the knee in the photo above.  Skinnys are not supposed to do that, even with tall boots!).  I had to send them back for a size down from my usual size, and in fact probably could have gone down 2 or even 3 sizes.  And no, I’m not shrinking.  All of my other 7s fit exactly the same (size 27 – a little tight, especially in the thigh region).  So very disappointing quality control by a company who charges a small fortune for jeans.  Especially as the reason I buy their jeans is because their skinny jeans do fit so well.  I think I might sell these on trademe as I’ve barely worn them, and order down another 2 sizes…

However, I had a super positive experience with Revolve Clothing (my exchange was super easy!), so would absolutely recommend them.  Their customer service was fantastic.  I can’t say the same thing about Seven for all mankind.

Below is my first attempt at taking my own photos with a tripod! Yes, the lighting is a little weird. I found this nice out of the way spot (yay for finding hidden spots near work!)… but not perfect. I imagine there will be a bit of trial and error for a while. And yes, I really do need a better, fancier camera with more manual options. *sighs wistfully*

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jumper: Dotti, skirt: tradme, boots: Dr. Martens

Has your brand loyalty been tested lately?  What brand are your fave or best fitting jeans (seriously, I need some recommendations!)?


3 thoughts on “OOTD: 7 for all mankind high waist skinny jeans reviewed

  1. Hmm. You know I’ve never even heard of that brand, but I guess I’ll be wary about sizing if I ever come across a pair of jeans that I like from them. That white cardigan, though. I’m just…gunna take that. Ok? Haha. I love it! Beautiful monochromatic look in the second photo, also. The swirling pattern on the sweater is such a refreshing take on your run-of-the-mill black and white horizontal stripes (of which I have so many hehe >_<).

    – Anna


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