OOTD – Black coat + dr. martens

Hey hey! I’m so excited to share a couple of new items with you today! These photos are from a couple weeks ago (as I couldn’t resist sharing my most recent fabulous frock instead). But I’m equally excited about one of the pieces you see here…

IMG_2584 cr

Jacket: Kenneth Cole (amazon.com). It’s possibly a little big as it’s a Medium which was the only size left, but you can get away with your coat being a little roomy for layering jumpers and the like underneath

So here is the big reveal. Check. Out. These. Babies.

IMG_2592 cr

The newest addition to my shoe collection. LOVE these – Dr. Martens Ailee boot in grey. I’ve had them on my Pinterest board for ages. Finally just bought them (ebay as they are a 2013 style!). My several year long search for flat black ankle boots is over (although technically these are apparently grey, but I’m just going to say that they’re black)! SUCCESS!

So the only place the lovelies pictured above were left in my size was Ebay. I don’t do a lot of ebay shopping, but I’m not gonna lie, I was willing to give it a go, especially as the seller actually offered international shipping. I’m pretty certain I snagged one of the last pairs at $209 USD inc. shipping (vs. original price of £192… So for those of you balking at the price I paid, I’ll just remind you they were significantly discounted).

I’m becoming more and more of a Dr. Martens fan in my old age. I just adore the quality. These ones are some of the special “Made in the UK” ones (hence their original very high price!). I love that the soles are resistant to acid, alkali, slip resistant, etc. They’re essentially the most stylish safety shoes ever (apart from not having a steel cap). I must admit the leather is incredibly thick so they will probably take a bit of breaking in, but I’m still pleased as pie with them! And the first days I wore them to work I had heaps of comments on them from my workmates, so another win for Dr. Martens!

IMG_2595 cr

jumper: witchery, skirt: tradme (paper scissors), tights: anthropologie (so old, and recently put back into my wardrobe after being in the “repairs” pile for nearly a year!), boots: Dr. Marten Ailee (ebay)

I decided to really branch out and pair one of my fave witchery jumpers with a skirt instead of skinny jeans. I like the grey + mustard pairing.

IMG_2573 cr

The whole wintery layered look!

What brands are you most loyal to?


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