Fabulous Frock Friday: June 20

So yes, there has been a very serious lack of sewn dresses on the blog this year. It’s been a busy few months. Anyways, I finally got around to finishing this dress which I started back in February. I picked up the fabric for about $6/m from spotlight on super clearance. Geometric bright verging on obnoxious print? Yes, please!

Even though it is a very summery looking dress, I was determined to wear it in the middle of our winter regardless.  I decided Navy would be less awful than black, and in the end, I think it looks ok.  I’m also wearing a slip underneath to add an extra layer of warmth!  Luckily, it was sunny out so the bright colours aren’t too “out there”.  😀

cardi: my ex-work, dress: made by me, tights: farmers, shoes: dr. martens

cardi: my ex-work, dress: made by me, tights: farmers, shoes: dr. martens

Full dress - yes that is a lot of print

Full dress – yes that is a lot of print

I used New Look pattern 6223, which turned out pretty well although I did let out the waist a little bit and it’s probably a little roomy through the back shoulder. It’s also a bit longer than I thought it would be (just below knee length, instead of just at or above the knee), but that just gives it a more retro feel, I think. And of course, pockets! I love having pockets in dresses. So fantastic.

Admittedly, I didn’t do a perfect job of matching the print along the back, but the front isn’t too bad. My sewing skills are admittedly still a bit rusty (this is the number 1 problem with sewing, I know all the flaws in the garments). So the more sewing I do these days, the better!


7 thoughts on “Fabulous Frock Friday: June 20

  1. I love that pattern! As a side note, whenever someone talks about Mod Cloth, I’m always like, “I follow this amazing blogger and she makes all of her dresses and seriously, Mod Cloth has nothing on her!” LOL I hope you don’t think that’s weird- but I just think it’s so amazing that you can make so many fab things!

    • Aww… thank you!!! That isn’t weird at all, it’s wonderful! So thank you so so much!

      I WISH I made all my dresses! Getting there (keep watching this space as I have several things in the works)! I still have plenty of modcloth dresses in my closet though. 😀

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