The psychology of denim jeans?

Just sharing an article I read on stuff this week about the psychology of fashion which, I must admit I’ve always found endlessly fascinating (maybe I missed my calling there…  oh well).

Tool long to read the entire article?  I did find her comments on jean particularly interesting:

Of particular interest to Pine is that Holy Grail of every woman’s closet: blue jeans. A woman will spend thousands over the course of her life trying to find a pair that is comfortable and flattering, and rarely will she feel she’s succeeded.

Interestingly, Pine’s research shows that, for most women, jeans are – literally – our sad-pants. We put them on when we’re unhappy.

“Jeans don’t look great on everyone. They are often poorly cut and badly fitting,” she says.

“They can signal the wearer hasn’t bothered with their appearance. People who are depressed often lose interest in how they look and don’t wish to stand out, so the correlation between depression and wearing jeans is understandable. Most importantly, this research suggests it is possible to dress for happiness, but it might mean ditching the jeans.”

I won’t deny that I have a penchant for expensive jeans.  I worked for 1.5 years as a tech designer for denim and pants…  So I’d like to think I’m reasonably attuned to fit.  And I must say that cheap jeans are often poor fitting jeans.  I have just tried to replace my 7’s that have a hole in them (from being hit by a car last Sept).  I thought maybe ordering some cheap skinny jeans from ASOS would work.  Nope.  Not even close.  My indigo 7’s just really fit nicely.  It could also be that they’re so old and I’ve broken them in (only a week ago I read an article about how you should never wash your jeans and should instead put them in the freezer – a trick which admittedly I have heard before, but still… eww?).

Do you think wearing jeans is lazy?  I kind of have to agree.  On days when I just can’t be bothered trying to re-mix a new outfit, I do tend to throw on a pair of skinny jeans, Witchery tunic, Witchery scarf and boots.  Easy effortless go-to outfit.

I also think jeans are very American midwest.  I owned dozens of pairs of jeans when I lived in MN…  Now I own roughly 5-6, but really only wear about 2.  And not to say that American midwest fashion is lazy, but it kind of is.  I think MN and I think jeans…  and a hoodie or t-shirt.  *sigh*  Admittedly, this was my own uniform for years!!  But now I’ve definitely branched out.  But I suspect if I returned to MN right now, the t-shirt, hoodies and jeans would still reign supreme.

What is a common outfit/street style seen in your geographical area?  What’s your “lazy” (but still nice enough for work) outfit?


7 thoughts on “The psychology of denim jeans?

  1. I don’t think it’s necessarily lazy to wear jeans. For me the laziest thing I could do is throw on a dress (even better if it can just go on over my head hehe) or a skirt. I mean, it just takes me more time to put on a pair of jeans. :DDD I love wearing pants, though, so I guess I’m just biased. ^_^

    – Anna

    • Dresses are lazy – especially in summer. In winter they are a bit more work as I have to layer with tights, etc. but they ARE even lazier than jeans!

      I also love pants, but I can’t quite seem to get past jeans. I tried to buy some nice trousers from ASOS recently but they just didn’t work for me. 😦

  2. I dont think jeans are lazy. When I am super lazy I wear sweatpants. I wear jeans when im casual but still work appropriate. I also have a thing for fancy jeans. You can dress them up with a blazer and look super put together!

    • True! You have so many lovely blazers! I only own one, I need to buy some more but I find blazers a bit tricky still. I always go with cardis as they are so easy. Haha – that is where I am lazy!

  3. Buying jeans makes me depressed! They might be lazy, never thought of it like that-but I do put on jeans when I want to ‘dress down’ a ‘work’ top. Wore jeans all the time when I was a student, but seem to have branched out and now hardly ever wear them. And then it’s always the same pair!

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