Polar Vortex

Well, winter has truly arrived here in Dunners.  Good thing I bought this coat from ASOS shortly after our arrival back from London (since no coat was to be found on our trip!).  It was on sale for about $116 NZD (and with free shipping!  Thank you ASOS!).  It’s a size 8.  I usually order a size 10 from ASOS just to be on the safe side (I’m often in-between an 8 and 10 depending on the item), but since the parka is quite oversized, went with the 8.  It fits perfectly and I have no complaints (apart from I know the sherpa lining is going to eventually get all matted).

The lining is completely removable, and the outer fabric is supposedly water resistant (I honestly don’t think it’s any more water resistant than any other jacket). I love that it’s a parka, but more of a golden colour instead of the typical olive green.

And the huge pockets are so handy!

coat: ASOS, tunic: shanton, jeans: 7 for all mankind, boots: eject (trademe)

coat: ASOS, tunic: shanton, jeans: 7 for all mankind, boots: eject (trademe)


Cozy and warm!

Cozy and warm!

All zipped up and toasty warm!

All zipped up and toasty warm!

Curved hem.  Waaaaayyyy cute.

Curved hem. Waaaaayyyy cute.

For my cold climate readers – how important is it to have a variety of winter coats to choose from?  Do you like to have options, or do you just wear the same one every day?  How important is it to have a hood (I believe a hood is absolutely essential in Dunedin and will never buy a coat without one)?


7 thoughts on “Polar Vortex

  1. Hoods are a MUST, and must have a way of securing around your face (with snaps or elastic straps to tighten). I like my jacket to zip up to my chin so I can bury my face in there against the wind/snow/sleet/snownado, and it’s also nice when the jacket is long enough to cover your butt to protect from icy cold sitting surfaces. 🙂

    I personally, have one jacket that I wear throughout the throes of winter, simply because I am too practical, and it is too cold to try to be fashionable when it’s -45° F. I love jackets though, and think everyone should own a colorful wool peacoat for those special winter occasions and colder fall days.

    I would say I have a pretty good variety of lighter jackets to wear on cold spring/summer/fall nights and days. It’s fun to switch them up when you’re not worried about turning into an icicle.

      • Thank you! I think it’s amazing how our environment shapes our clothing choices. I’m not sure this jacket would hold up to the coldest of MN days, but it’s fine for Dunedin! And yes – my last jacket didn’t come all the way up to my chin – my neck was ALWAYS cold as my scarf wasn’t quite heavy duty enough to make up the difference. So this time I made sure it was covered.

        I totally agree about the colourful peacoat. Although… mine is black. But still! Owning a more formal coat is also a must!

    • Yes! I had a kermit green one, and a teal blue one. Haha – One was my “going out” coat because it would get all smokey from bars and I hated the smell so much! It’s funny now to think that people used to be able to smoke indoors (especially as that was only 10 years ago)!

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