When art inspires fashion: Make your own Modcloth down to a fine art dress

Having just come back from London and reveling (yes!  reveling) in the art, well, how could I not be intrigued by Modcloth’s Down to a Fine Art Dress with it’s Van Gogh-esque print (did I mention I saw many beautiful Van Goghs in London, including both Sunflowers, which were displayed together and absolutely fantastic?).

Down to a fine art $129.99 (love the model’s hair, btw. How I miss my pixie cut!)

But why spend $129.99 on this dress when you can absolutely 1-up modcloth by using this fantastic printed fabric from spoonflower (the painting is held in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam… I’ve just added that to my travel list)?

Fabric name: “Vincent van Gogh ~ Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom” (prices vary $17.50-38 depending on fabric ordered)

But if you want “Starry Night” – spoonflower comes through again.

And lets be honest, I’m actually not really in love with the design of the above dress, it really doesn’t strike me as terribly flattering, I’d probably do something more along the lines of this:

Simplicity 1652 – a great pattern!

As I already know the above dress is easy to make, fits well and super flattering! Sure, it wouldn’t be the cheapest dress in the world (you’re looking at at least $60USD for fabric alone!) but it would be pretty super awesome.

Do you have a favourite painting that you wish you could translate into literally, a piece of wearable art?


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