My new fave make-up blog

Hello!  I’m still doing the catch up from the UK trip (only 2 weeks ago now, but feels like 2 years!).  But in the meantime, I’d like to share one of my fave new blogs that I came across via

Maskcara is a fantastic blog written by a model/make-up artist and, is, well, all about make-up!  There are lots of helpful tips, videos, tutorials, product recommendations (although somehow I already have about 1,000,000 products so it’s not like I need any more…).  Face and eye sculpture, anyone?!  And I definitely need to get my hands on some MAC brun powder (but certainly not for $45NZD here in Dunedin).

If you’re anything like me, you might still be wearing the same products that you have been for years (although I have come a long way and now use Urban decay primer potion, and Jenulence eye shadows).  Though I still don’t wear lipstick…  *sigh*  I know, honestly I probably need to spend more time experimenting with lips and lip colours, but I don’t wear very much make-up day-to-day (I have never worn lipstick every day and doubt I will start doing so now) so it seems silly to spend money on a product that I’ll rarely wear….

And don’t even get me started on my eyebrows (which I’ve been growing out and letting run wild for months now).  LOL, it’s at this point where I can understand that some women give up – beauty routines are exhausting!  And expensive.

What are some great blogs you’ve come across recently?  Do you ever want to throw in the hypothetical beauty towel, as it were?



7 thoughts on “My new fave make-up blog

    • Hi thanks for stopping by! I’m supposed to be sewing all my dresses this year in order to hone my sewing skills, prevent me from buying dresses on a whim, and mostly because I CAN sew, I keep thinking it’s silly to pay for an expensive dress I could just make myself for cheaper! 😀

  1. Beauty routines are exhausting and expensive! I try to keep mine simple and on the cheaper end, but I still feel like I don’t know what I am doing. A few months ago, I decided I needed to purchase cosmetics that had fewer or no toxins in them. I made a list of options using and had a make-up savvy friend help me decide which ones were the best options for quality.

    • Yes, I’ve been using lately – it is pretty good except I can’t quite find everything here in the abyss known as NZ (I’m wondering if they have an app I can download onto my phone – I feel like that would be SUPER useful when you’re in the store and there are so many choices)… The body shop is consistently really good, so is L’oreal (generally) and Burts Bees. All of which can be tricky to find and the body shop here is SO expensive. Like, $50 for powder foundation expensive. And sales happen once in a blue moon. I stocked up when I was in the UK though. 😀

  2. I hear big eyebrows are trendy 😉 I recently went on a lipstick splurge. Although I hardly ever wear it, I think it’s a fun and easy thing to do to spice up your look, and I’m getting a little more adventurous with it! Mostly I reserve make-up for going out occasions though. Makes things cheap, quick and easy for day-to-day!

    • Big brows are trendy and I should really have the biggest of the big! I’m kicking my 14 year old self for getting to pluck happy.

      Yay for lipstick! Yes it can easily make you look glamorous in seconds! I find the matching a lipstick to lipliner tricky as well though.. How did you decide on the colour? Did you just pick one out or try it on first (I find tester make-up in stores oh so gross). Just curious. 😀

      • I just picked colors I thought were fun. Ew, I wouldn’t test them at the store. I’m only buying the mediumly cheap stuff anyway! Skip the lipliner 🙂 or use one that matches my lip color closely.

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