Normcore… so have you heard of it?

Seinfeld. So Normcore.

So have you heard about normcore? Honestly, it could be that I live in one of the most isolated places in the world, but I did do a bit of a huh? when I read this article.  Better yet, have you seen this latest fashion evolution yourself?

I mean, as a fashion follower, I do always have to wonder, where will it go next? Fashion is absolutely cyclic and living through the 90s (again) is killing me a little inside. I mean, wasn’t it just a few years ago that we were being infiltrated by 80s styles? And here the 90s are already?! There are only a limited number of decades we can look back to for inspiration (as very little in fashion is ever truly new, with the possible exception of developments coming from new technology for garment manufacturing)…  So I can’t help wondering…  what comes after the 90s?

Regardless, apparently fleece sweatshirts, baseball caps, baggy jeans and birkenstocks or clogs are all the rage now for the uber chic.  As apparently the endless plethora of fashion choices is simply becoming too overwhelming (along with the constant strive for individualization in an increasingly populated globalized world).

Either that, or normcore is just another case of young attractive people making anything, literally anything look “good” or maybe trendy is a better term.  This article agrees with me.

But I have to say, hot young people wearing ugly clothes is as old as the hills, and is quite obviously a form of BRAGGIN’. It says, “Look how hot I am. I am so hot that even these pleated jeans cannot mask my hotness. I am hot even in this maxidress covered in cherries. I’m hot in my sleeveless flannel David Silver hoodie, and I’m hot in this mother-of-the-bride 2-piece tunic and blazer set from 1992. I am hot even in these shoes or these fucking abominations and I am wearing these JNCOs with a vest made out of a tapestry on purpose and I still look amazing. All shall love me and DESPAIR!”

Also, this (from the article which so kindly produced the Seinfeld image above):

And therein lies the problem with the normcore phenomenon. It will never actually be one because most women do not want to look “normal.” They want to look hip or chic—ideally both. And for most people, normcore isn’t going to help them achieve those two descriptors.  “A beautiful stylist in mom jeans and sneakers does not look the same as a mom in the Midwest,” my editor said. Clearly, there’s a difference between expertly styled, proportion-conscious fashion normcore and legitimate strip mall-and-minivan normcore.

Finally, to sum it up, I think this commentary describes the normcore phenomenon best.  The crazy culture that derives from living in an enormous city, and spending oodles of time on your smartphone tweeting/facebooking/instagramming the latest whatever.  Normcore is a cultural counterpoint to the maintaining-a-flawless-amazing-look-how-cool-i-am-i’m-not-just-keeping-up-with-the-joneses-i-AM-the-new-gold-standard-for-the-joneses lifestyle (So. cal, anyone?).

So is normcore a passing fad of youth culture or something else?  Do you think that normcore is where the fashion of the future is headed (I personally don’t, but of course I could be wrong)?



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