Baby, it’s cold outside!

jacket: Jack by BB Dakota, jumper: H&M, tunic: my ex-work, jeans: 7forallmankind, boots: Dr. Marten

jacket: Jack by BB Dakota, jumper: H&M, tunic: my ex-work, jeans: 7forallmankind, boots: Dr. Marten

Lets be honest.  I’m not ready for winter.  We haven’t even had a summer here yet in Dunedin and already the temps are dropping, the gale force wind is blowing, and the rain has started.  YUCK.  So it was a boots, jeans and thick jersey sort of a day today – the same type of day as yesterday, in fact, comfy and warm!  I suspect we’re in for a long hard cold winter (we seem to mimic north America in seasons).  And all I can think of is how I need to stock up on boots, jerseys, and wool socks (I have an inkling that it may be due to the fact that my feet were damp and cold all day today).  Nothing says “I need to do some shopping” like a change in seasons.  Do you agree?

And I can’t help but comment on the fact that down here in Dunedin, I feel we’re somewhat heavily dependent on boots.  Much more than in North America.  It might be a bit of a trend thing?  So here are the latest boots I’m dishing on.

Everybody Women’s Passtore Bootie. $185 USD

It’s love at first sight.  And I don’t own a pair of black [or in this case, mostly black] ankle boots.

What’s the most crucial cold weather staple in your part of the world?


6 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside!

  1. I think our (North America) crucial cold weather staple would be hoodies! Pull over sweatshirts with a pocket on the front and hoods. We love love them! You can layer under them or over them, and they are all just so comfy and cozy! I would definitely agree with the boots as well, anything from riding boots, to cowboy boots, to snow boots. We love them all!

    • Yes I would agree the hoodie is absolutely an American staple. People don’t seem to wear them as much here in NZ.

      I love hoods and struggle to find hooded jackets (honestly, what is the point of a jacket if it doesn’t even have a hood?!). 😀

  2. Haha.. that was totally me for like..three years when I moved to the Midwest from the South. Totally unprepared and I was quite defiant (or stupid maybe hehe) about it. I should have bought new, warmer clothes, but I was trying to live very cheaply while in law school, so I just made do with the clothes I had. I still have those defiant moments where I dress for Spring in Winter, but on the whole I think I’ve learned my lesson. Haha. As for a crucial weather staple, I’d say thermals/long johns. Comfort and warmth starts with that you don’t see. 😉 After that, I would say a realllly good pair of gloves. 😛

    – Anna

    • I agree on the long johns! I definitely made use of those this year, pretty much every day. Functional, warm boots that are also cute are a good staple. Sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters… blazers and scarves are pretty much my entire work wardrobe.

      • I own 1 blazer which is super cute but doesn’t go with anything and is nearly impossible to style. I had 2 but have recently gotten rid of one. I can’t seem to pull it off the blazer look somehow – though it looks fabulous on everyone else! Maybe you want to do a guest post for me sometime on how to style a blazer, eh??? 😀

        So what do you think of my scarf collection? I have finally come around to them in my old age. LOVE them. I need more, I think… ;D

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