I’m back. Well, nearly.

Hi All.  Thanks to everyone for the supportive words about moving house!  Would you believe it’s all over and done with?  I can hardly believe it myself.  We saw the flat we liked on Monday, Feb 17, sent our applications in on Tuesday Feb 18, signed the lease on Wednesday Feb 19, and moved in on Saturday the 22 and Sunday the 23.  *Phew*  It was madness.  Absolute madness.  I think many of our friends were amazed we were able to clean everything out of our existing house in 3 days (the boys took Friday off and took SIX carloads of stuff to get rid of, including 8 computer towers, 6 laptops and countless other old things) AND clean the old house (not that it really matters as they’ve already started ripping out old wallpaper and curtains, but still).

I’m pretty exhausted.  In fact, as of today I’m coming down with a cold.  YUCK!

So that is the latest.  For the moment I’ve been settling into the new place and unpacking my ridiculous wardrobe (into my amazing new closet.  I think I will have to take some photos).  I had been planning on doing a large cull for a while, but since we’ve moved there is really no excuse not to go through and eliminate things!

Actually, I am really wanting to have a small wardrobe makeover.  I’m not sure I can stick to my “no-skirts” buying ban, as I want to eliminate quite a lot of my old skirts and replace them with more elegant and classic styles.  I think the #1 problem with my wardrobe is that I don’t have enough practical pieces (e.g. I own a lot of bright, bold, short, sparkly, statement pieces and a ton of tops from my ex-work that I no longer wear).  But now I have cleared out the excess, I can invest in some classic, highly wearable pieces without feeling too guilty.


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