My apologies for future lack of posts

My apologies in advance.  Posts are going to be mighty thin in upcoming weeks.  Life – it just happens.  The news is that we’ve been given our notice by our landlord.  😦  Our house has been on the market for over a year now (it even went to auction at one point and still didn’t sell).  Yes, for an entire year we’ve endured open homes and viewings.  And it hasn’t sold (it’s really quite old and the decor is incredibly retro…  lets just say nothing has been done that hasn’t needed doing.  And did I mention our hallway is stucco?  Indoor stucco.  Yeah…).  So apparently the landlord is going to have the entire house renovated to meet “market demand” – so we need to move out.  I’ve had word from friends that have recently purchased houses that old houses in NZ are hard to sell because they need to be re-wired, re-plumbed and re-roofed in order to become insured.  So buyers don’t want to purchase an older house that can’t be insured.

Having to move out of our house is incredibly gutting (did I mention that we pay the cheapest rent of anyone I know in our city?).  We also have to move out in 4 weeks.  So yes, find a new flat and move in 4 weeks.  We looked at 4 flats today – none of which really struck us as being a great fit.  So if you’re not seeing many posts from me, it’s because I’m frantically looking for a flat, packing, moving, unpacking and settling into a new flat.

After viewing the available flats today, I’m even more gutted.  As much as we lament our not very nice flat, for what we pay, it is actually pretty nice, incredibly spacious and in a prime location.  I suspect we are going to struggle to  find a comparable flat (we’ll have to pay a lot more to be as close as we are to the centre of town).

Oh, can I also mention that you can pretty much only view houses between 9am and 4:30 pm because they are all rented by scumbag rental agencies and the agents only work 9-5?  When are working people actually supposed to view these things?  Bah, NZ and the fact that nothing is open past 5 pm apart from the grocery store.

So those are the current life-gets-in-the-way-of-blogging events.  I’ll post as often a I can, but if it’s sporadic, well, you’ll know why.


10 thoughts on “My apologies for future lack of posts

    • Thank you! Moving is certainly now the worst thing in the world or the most stressful – but it’s up there! And our existing house, while not the greatest, provided a comfortable and cheap place!

  1. Holy sh*t man. That’s terrible! Take as long as you need. Blogging seems so trivial compared to this. I really hope you find a place to stay! I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ll always be here, dude. No worries. Just get all that stuff straightened out!

    – Anna

    • Thanks for the support! We think we may have found a new house. But now we wait to see if we’ve been approved and then we still need to do the actual moving! 😛

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