The cutest work-out clothing?

So today I learned that Anthropologie does activewear.  Huh.  You learn something new every day!  Now, let’s be honest here, generally my workout clothing is anything but cute.  First off, I wear shorts whereas I know that yoga pants and leggings are really the thing.  But this poor girl despises the dreaded “panty line” and if to avoid said panty line you need to wear a thongTo the gym…?  Forget it.  So shorts it is!

But the activewear at Anthropologie is so utterly adorable!  Maybe I would find it easier to go to the gym?

Pure + Good Racerback Cutout Tank $78 USD

Pure + Good Ruched Seamless Tank $48.00

Pure + Good Ruched Seamless Tank $48.00

And let’s not forget the adorableness that is Sweaty Betty.

Step Up Training Vest £50


Double Time Run Vest £55 – Absolutely adore this one!!

Swift Bonded Run Vest £70

Of course I adore this print. This makes me want to go skiing! Albers Seamless Ski Leggings £49, Albers Seamless Long Sleeve Ski Top £49

I suppose these are probably designed for yoga and maybe running.  Or more likely this new thing I’ve heard of recently.  “Good” gym clothes.  As in, not the clothes you actually wear to the gym, but the good clothes you wear out while running errands and stuff but still look sporty?  Apparently this is a thing.  I can’t actually verify though, as I do live in a small city at the ends of the earth (just a little behind sometimes), and I’ve only heard rumors.  Of course, if I paid full price for the items pictured above, it’s possible they would be “good gym clothes”!

Regardless, I think I might need some cuter gym clothes.  Especially if our gym owner keeps taking video of us during workouts…  Can you spot me looking totally lame and unfashionable?!


4 thoughts on “The cutest work-out clothing?

  1. You have distracted me into looking at gym clothes (and seeing as I practically live in them I think I can justify spending some $). Maybe looking at getting some of the stuff on sale at and using youshop to ship it to NZ, they have an aussie site which ships here but looks like with sale items you are probably better off using the US site

    • Haha – I’m kind of sorry? OMG I love moving comfort. Their bras are simply the best. Another good site for athletic clothes is Title 9 – although I haven’t looked at them lately – maybe worth another post! I’m gutted now though that I need a 30 (size 8 band) which Moving comfort doesn’t really carry, but I can get away with some of my old 32s. Their stuff is also on too – might also be worth especially for cheaper gear!

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