Make your own Modcloth Bygone days in Skeleton Toile Dress

You may have noticed a few “Make your own Modcloth dress” posts recently.  I can’t help myself.  It’s been quite a fun challenge.  But seriously though, why buy it when you can make it for less?

Bygone days in Skeleton Toile $164.99 USD –

I think we can all agree I’ve found the exact fabric, once again.

Alexander Henry Midnight Pastoral Black and White Skeleton Toile – 44″ wide, $10.85 USD/yard

A few different pattern options.  A minor pattern adjustment or 2, especially if you want the V in the back.

McCalls 6745

Or once again, McCalls 6833 (I’m beginning to think this is a great basic “I want a modcloth looking dress” pattern to have on hand)

Simplicity 2884

Butterick 5209

New Look 6776

2 yards of fabric and your notions is all you would need – so I’d say less than $40 USD all up.  …aannnndddd if you are convinced you should sew something (or learn how!), then my work here is done.


7 thoughts on “Make your own Modcloth Bygone days in Skeleton Toile Dress

    • Thanks! I totally love that unique toile. I’m trying to decide if it’s too “Halloweeny” though, or if it’s subtle enough that it would get year long wear.

      • Thanks for the opinion! 😀 I am pretty tempted to buy that toile fabric… I don’t have a toile dress at the moment and it’s been at least 10 years since I last made one. It was super cool though as the toile actually had a pinky/orange/rust coloured background.

  1. I love toile, it took me a minute to realize those were skeletons in the print, I like the unexpected. I so agree–most of Modcloth’s patterns are relatively simple and if you can score the fabric for cheap (oh, and know how to sew of course), then why WOULD you pay more?

    • I love the subtlety! I’m very tempted to invest in that skeleton print. Maybe once this move headache is over (ugh!) I can get back to my grand plan of 2014 being a year full of sewing!!! 😀

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