You might notice a few changes

…And a few less outfit posts.  Last week, I ended up not taking a  single outfit photo since I’ve just been repeating outfits you’ve already seen.  So not much point there.  I was going to photograph my fabulous frock on Friday, but it ended up being a crazy terrible busy dramatic day, so the photo just didn’t happen.

I’ve decided that I’m only going to photograph outfits when I am re-mixing a new combo, or featuring a new item.  This should alleviate me just wearing the same old same old every day, but give me a bit more flexibility and not quite so much pressure to wear a completely different outfit every single day (admittedly it can get exhausting, especially as there are some outfits I really like and want to occasionally repeat!).

But on the upside, I will try (try being the operative word) to photograph some of my wardrobe’s “not for every day” items.  I’ll admit, I have a lot of other clothes, fancy dresses, super summery dresses, vintage pieces and eclectic footwear that often doesn’t find a place in my everyday wardrobe…

Furthermore, I’m not sure how I’m going to keep up with the posting since today was my first day of my new job.  No internet during the day anymore, which means most of my posts will need to happen during precious nighttime and weekend hours!

Also, I’m getting super tired of my existing wardrobe.  I want to have a big clean-out and makeover.  Adding more smart, professional, Academic-Chic items.  Considering my crazy sewing and saving goals this year, I’m not entirely sure how this is all going to work out, so please wish me luck!


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