DIY: How to repurpose a Simkins Travel Sweets container

Well, this past week I was tasked with completely clearing out my old desk and moving to a new, even better desk (LOL.  As I move up the academic ladder, I’ve switched desks every time.  Masters –> PhD –> now post doc!  Corner desk, here I come!).  Low and behold, in my snack drawer, I had an empty tin of Simpkins Travel Sweets (SO delicious, btw, and perfect for tramping).  Being the natural hoarder/environmentalist that I am, I couldn’t bear to throw out the tin.  So instead, I’ve decided to re-purpose it as a container on my desk.  Like so:

IMG_9797 cr

IMG_9801 cr

IMG_9804 cr

IMG_9807 cr

As expected, the lid no longer fit when the bottom of the tin was covered with fabric. So it’s now an open container.

IMG_9842 cr

IMG_9843 cr

Yes, Ok, admittedly maybe it’s a little cheesy, but it cost me $0.60 in total (for the ribbon) as I had all other supplies already on hand, it used up some of my fabric stash, and recycled a tin! Cute recycled budget organization! I’d call that a win, team.

What are some of your favourite DIY projects? Or something you’re dying to try out?


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