Kicking myself – AKA Create an identical modcloth dress at home for cheap!

Yesterday I posted about using some Anthropologie dresses as inspiration for upcoming sewing projects.  Well, low and behold, I was browsing today (which, by the way, is a website that seriously needs to be re-designed for optimal use.  Searching is a pain.  Also, you can’t favourite or save items.  So good luck finding that fabric you saw a few days ago out of the thousands of fabrics.  Anyways, I digress) and came across this fabric that looked oddly familiar…

Michael Miller park landscape green – $9.20/yard

Does that seem oddly familiar to you?  That is because this IS the fabric used in one of my favourite ever Modcloth dresses.

Bernie Dexter Graceful Greenery Dress – $129.99 –

Why would you ever pay $130 for the dress when you can buy enough to make your own for $30 (I splurged 3 years ago and bought the real thing and am of course, now, kicking myself repeatedly for being so silly.  At the time I simply loved the fabric.  Still do.  If only I had known then what I know now!)?!!  So there you go.  I often buy dresses from modcloth based purely on the print.  Well, I’m wiser now and shall never be so silly and spend far too much on a cotton dress [in my defense, I had just split up with my boyfriend at the time and was engaging in some retail therapy] just because it has a gorgeous and distinctive print!

Of course, this begs the question – what other dresses on modcloth are made out of fabrics that are readily available to those of us wanting to sew something just as fabulous if not more so?  I shall be keeping my eyes peeled, that is certain!


6 thoughts on “Kicking myself – AKA Create an identical modcloth dress at home for cheap!

  1. Gah! I hate when that happens! Though that’s a really unique fabric, so I’m sure I would feel like I might not be able to find it! Keep us posted- this is interesting to consider making the dress for a fraction of the cost.

  2. Ooh, what I do with annoying websites like that is to “pin” things onto a pinterest board called fabric. Because then you can find it again, and also look at all the pretty fabrics you’ve curated!
    *Sigh* now if only the shipping from that site for me wasn’t MORE than the fabric I order! So many good fabrics, agggh!

    • Yes I need to start a pinterest board for fabrics! I just started bookmarking them. Regardless, the website isn’t exactly user friendly. I’m sure shipping would be a small fortune here to NZ as well, in which case I would try out NZPost’s handy dandy youshop feature!

  3. Reminds me of junior high. I desperately wanted a pair of Lee pinstripe jeans. Mom got pinstripe fabic – exactly like the real ones – and sewed me a pair of jeans! and the icing on the cake was that she took a “Lee” leather label patch from some other jeans somewhere and sewed it right onto mine. Probably would be some sort of trademark infringement nowadays. Genius at the time!

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