Happy Monday! How did the weekend fly by so quickly?

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I love Anthropologie and visit their site to gaze at clothing, shoes, accessories and homewares that I will simply never be able to afford. *sigh* Well, with my great sewing challenge, I thought what better opportunity to browse some of their fabulous dresses and gather some inspiration for my upcoming year of no dress/skirt shopping, only dress/skirt sewing.

Here are some of my faves from Anthropologie + Eva Franco (another designer who is also frequently found on Modcloth, but makes pricey dresses).

Anthropologie’s Efferevescent Dress $188 USD – This has to be the best LBD I have possibly ever seen.

Anthropologie Stripe Swing Dress $198 USD.  I’m not a huge fan of the teal/black print, but I do like the colourblocking.  Very effective.

Anthropologie Maraschino Lace Dress $228 USD

Close up of the to die for fabric.  Love what they’ve achieved with the lace over a bright colour!

Anthropologie Tori Dress $320 - love the fabric, the cut and the detail at the waist!

Anthropologie Tori Dress $320 – love the fabric, the cut and the detail at the waist!

Eva Franco Pamela Dress $140 USD.  Again, loving the contrast of the chiffon over the print, and the tucks at the neckline are a lovely subtle detail.

Eva Franco Bijou Dress $295 USD – I love the styling of this dress – super flattering. And the pockets. Fantastic!

I would love to recreate the LBD up above – what a great project.

Which dress above is your fave?


3 thoughts on “Dresspiration

    • True, the navy one does look trippy! I found a really cool black and white geometric fabric that would make a “magic eye” pattern yesterday on fabric.com – but I didn’t think I could cope with staring at a fabric like that for hours on end to sew it all together (my eyes hurt now just thinking about it)! 😦 Gutted.

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