My 2014 fashion goals

Oh goodness.  Now this could be a dangerous post.  I’ve already posted my 2014 personal goals, and given myself the 2014 “Sew Awesome” challenge (because, let’s be honest, 2014 is going to be so awesome, right?  Right??).  But at the moment I’m all just “woo-hoo!  I’m gonna find me some sweet fabrics and sew up some swanky dresses”.

But the savvy style conscious shopper would probably think about what her wardrobe actually needed and work to fill in any wardrobe holes or gaps (aka, curating a wardrobe).

Sometimes I am a little amazed at how my truly enormous wardrobe manages to have some many shortcomings (the first of which, is almost certainly it’s size).  I have posted before about wardrobe basics and even made a wish list of items I think my wardrobe needs.  So instead of just buying things in a higgly-piggly manner, I shall make a mental (and maybe even a physical) list of identified wardrobe gaps and actually try to stick to it.  So let’s see how this goes, shall we?

  1. I still desperately need a trench coat.  Preferably with a hood even though I accept that trench coats traditionally don’t have a hood, this is Dunedin so let’s be practical.
  2. A nice basic high quality leather shoulder bag or satchel.
  3. Navy circle skirt.
  4. Plain cobalt blue dress.
  5. Little black sheath dress.
  6. New dark blue skinny jeans (my 1 and only aging pair has a hole/patch from my run in with a car last year).
  7. New short black long sleeved cardigan.
  8. Cute tailored blazer.
  9. Black skinny Audrey Hepburn like trousers.
  10. Statement bag.
  11. Warm tops for winter.
  12. Graduation dress.
  13. Statement heels.

Some of these I will have to make myself (navy circle skirt, cobalt blue dress, LBD and possibly even the graduation dress).  But the others?  Well, I’ll be on the hunt.  Wish me luck!

What is currently on your wardrobe or fashion list?


5 thoughts on “My 2014 fashion goals

  1. Love your fashion goals and I especially love that you said “Audrey Hepburn like trousers.” I found a London Fog trench with a hood at Sam’s of all places (sorry, I know the location is no help to you, but maybe you could find it online?)

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