I feel as though I may have inadvertently switched blog gears

It was not my intention to make this a “sewing” blog by any means.  But with my self-imposed no dresses/no skirts ban, I can’t help but start looking for cool fabrics and daydream about the day when I’ll be able to actually afford some and can start new sewing projects.

Can I just say there are truly some amazing fabrics out there?  It really makes me wish I had a house to make curtains, pillows, wall hangings, soft furnishings and recover furniture for.  *sigh*  Since I don’t have a house, I will have to satisfy my desire to make things by making clothes for myself (for the time being).

So I shall debut some of my fabric finds so far…

Sparkly… AND geometric… AND mod. Of course I love it. And actually not that expensive… $28 USD/yard. Not too shabby.

This is, of course, upholstery fabric, but I think it would also make an amazing dress ($29.95 NZD/metre) I am dying to make something out of this.

I’m also in love with this, from the aptly named “Spinsters Emporium”. It’s (used – good condition) vintage and there is only 1 m available for 15GBP.

I mean, what do you expect?  I have 1 degree in fashion design and 2 in textiles.  [I’ve created a monster.  :D]

So my apologies if you are not really interested in fabric – but I lurve it (yes, not just love.  Lurve).  This could be an interesting year!


3 thoughts on “I feel as though I may have inadvertently switched blog gears

    • What are you talking about – Quilts are a HUGE undertaking! I made a quilt top (we’re talking like 10 years ago now) but never actually managed to put the entire quilt together. I inherited my grandmother’s quilting frames, but no one knows how to actually use them – and of course they are somewhere back in MN.

      I probably should start making quilts because there are so many amazing quilt fabrics out there! *someday* 😀

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