2013 summary

Keeping in tradition with years past, I shall wrap things up with year with my 2013 summary!  This is always a little scary as generally I make these year long goal lists in January…  and then promptly forget about them.  So now it’s time to reflect a little bit and see how I did in 2013!

First, let’s review 2013’s goals:

Primary Goals:

  1. FINISH MY PHD (by Sept at the absolute latest)!
  2. Get to stay in NZ until my PhD marks are back (FYI, my current visa expires in March).
  3. Upon completing said PhD – get a job!

Secondary Goals:

  1. Do the entire Routeburn and at least one other great walk (not counting the Milford which we’ve already booked in for Easter).  Also, the Sugarloaf/Rockeburn pass.  Maybe the Copland for a second time?  Do the winter Routeburn trip with tramping club.
  2. Attend at least 1 or 2 academic conferences.
  3. Visit my sister and her family in the UK.
  4. Save some $$$!
  5. Publish some papers.

Wow.  Can I admit that I’m actually a little impressed with myself?

  1. Done – I submitted in July
  2. Done – I’m still here aren’t I?
  3. Done!  2 job offers was pretty decent
  4. Done!-  Routeburn (Ok, so it wasn’t the “official” winter routeburn trip, but we did have snow so I’m counting it), Milford, Sugarloaf/Rockeburn all done!  The Heaphy is booked in for boxing day, and the Copeland is booked in for Dec 31!
  5. Done!  2 conferences
  6. Nope, but that has already been lined up for 2014
  7. Another nope – I lived on next to nothing this year, but I’m proud of how I managed my meager funds (up until the last month or so when I possibly counted my chickens before they were hatched), so we’ll table that for 2014 also
  8. Nearly?  I’ve submitted 2 and so far has been 1 accepted…

Ok, so admittedly 2013 wasn’t the absolute awesome complete super funtime that 2012 was, but hey, I finished a doctorate – that doesn’t happen every day.

My thesis - pre-binding

My thesis – pre-binding

So this wraps it up for 2013.  Happy holidays and Seasons Greetings, dear readers.  I shall see you again in 2014!


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