NZ post YouShop Reviewed!

Hi All. So this won’t help you for your Christmas shopping this year, but possibly for next year. I recently trialled NZ posts new YouShop feature and I must say I was pretty impressed! The service was fast and very affordable. I ordered D some much needed clothing items that are literally impossible to find here in NZ and of course don’t ship here either. The shipping was $17.25 NZD and once I had paid, the parcel arrived at my house within 8 days (and they arrived 4 days earlier than the estimated delivery date), so it took just over 2 weeks after I placed the order for the items to arrive! Honestly, it took them longer to arrive at the NZ post warehouse in the USA than anything, so I expect you could possibly have an even faster total service.

Overall, I was very impressed with the speed and affordability of the service and will both recommend it to others and definitely be using again in the future for those items which have previously been impossible to procure from the USA! Yay NZ post!


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