The summer of the dress? I certainly hope so.

I just have to share this little article from the local newspaper (check out the very ‘local’ looking images and laugh with me please), declaring this summer to be the summer of the dress.  Now folks, this is what I like to hear, considering the sheer multitude of dresses in my wardrobe.

Now dear readers, I must ask you to please, PLEASE, click through the article above and please give me your opinion of NZ fashion based on those stand-out dresses (as determined by the journalist, of course).  I am simply dying to know.

Also, I hope it goes to show why I do so much online shopping.  I only wish they had included the prices.  The one I like the most (although certainly I would never actually buy it), the Karen Walker patio dress, is a mere $255.  Don’t believe me?  Here is the proof.

To counter the dresses in the article, here are some of my favourite looks for this summer.

The chambray shirt dress

The cobalt blue dress

The vintage inspired dress

What dress trends are you loving at the moment?


4 thoughts on “The summer of the dress? I certainly hope so.

  1. None of those are that appealing, but then I don’t think I’ve bought clothes from a shop in ages. The blue one you’ve found is probably my fav. I’ve had to tell myself not to buy anymore dresses (I have designated Tuesday as dress day so I can rotate them).

    • Haha! Dunedin remains a fashion abyss – although possibly better offerings than what you have up in Palmy, eh? Yes Friday is dress day for me (or Fabulous Frock Friday as I like to call it).

      • Yeah at least Dunedin has some creative types so there is a chance of finding stuff that doesn’t look cheap and mass produced!

      • So true! Speaking of avoiding “cheap and mass produced” check out my next post (posted today – Dec 18) – I think you’ll like it. 😀

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