Growing long hair – an exercise in patience

Here is a post I wrote several weeks ago but hadn’t gotten around to posting yet…

Lets face it.  You can’t be interested in fashion without considering hair.  And all I have to say is an exasperated “Ugh!  Hair!”

I think many of us complain about our hair, although admittedly I really shouldn’t complain too much.  I’ll wholeheartedly agree that those with an abundance of curls win the prize for most maintenance and probably most problems (everyone I know with beautiful natural ringlets has had a disastrous cut or two or more).  With my hair pretty much being stick straight, I really shouldn’t complain.  Also, it isn’t a bad colour (nor am I going grey yet!) so I don’t feel the need to dye it.  But having straight brown hair does get a teensy bit boring at time.  And I would love nothing more than to do this:

Listen, Anne of Green Gables was pretty much my favourite book and movie growing up (and still is). It fostered an early love for red hair which might be unfamiliar to those who grew up in the commonwealth.

You might be asking, why this sudden post about hair (not that I haven’t posted about hair and hair cuts plenty in the past)?  Because growing out my hair is driving me bonkers and is an excellent exercise in patience.  This is currently how I feel:

Here I come!!!

Honestly, that was me earlier today – it was quite windy out.

Here is what I’m going for:

Yes, she almost certainly is wearing extensions.  I don't care.

Yes, she almost certainly is wearing extensions. I don’t care.  I’ll get some.

… I’ve got a long ways to go. In the meantime, I’m aiming for something a bit more achievable:

Not sure if I want a straight fringe or not though…

The problem with growing your hair is that in order to keep it long, you’re supposed to avoid blow drying, straightening irons, bobby pins and even pony tail holders! I may have forgotten how much work long hair is to maintain. I should also probably start doing moisturizing hair masks and all that jazz as well. *sigh*

Any (non-damaging) styling tips for crazy shaggy unruly bobs?  I am thinking maybe I need more hats again…  ; D


6 thoughts on “Growing long hair – an exercise in patience

  1. How can you get your long hair to look decent without a blow dryer or straightening iron?? That’s what I want to know. I have straight hair and I still need to use a straightening iron to get my locks in line.

    • I haven’t the faintest idea. I don’t pretend to know how to style hair in the slightest (although I’m sure that has been pretty obvious in my posts in the last year!! A hair guru I most certainly am not!). 😀

  2. In November of 2011 I chopped off my hair into a brunette pixie. While I loved it, the road to growing out my hair has been disastrous every since. Gaaaahh! It’s so stinkin’ hard to wait and it feels like your hair takes forever to grown.

    In the meantime, I would suggest getting real friendly with your stylist. Just letting hair grow won’t make you all that happy if you’re real sensitive to your image (like I was.) Try to shape it as you grow it out — experiment with bangs and layers.

    Buy cute hair accessories, hats, and the like. I used the, to distract when I was having a bad time of it. XD

    And lastly, most importantly, take care of your hair. Don’t use heat on it too much, pamper it with conditioning treatments, and invest in a good dry shampoo so you can skip washing it everyday.


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