NZ post has actually done something really cool

So can you believe I had to hear word of mouth from my flatmate that NZ post now offers a “US address” to NZ residents?  You can order anything online from sites in the US and also the UK, have them sent to your “US address” and NZ post will on-charge  you and send the items directly to you in NZ for what appears to be a completely and totally reasonable price.  This is a game changer, folks!

I’m no longer bound by some of my favourite US brands that either a) don’t ship internationally or b) charge a small fortune.

Not that I’ve actually tried this new feature, called YouShop but I am pretty excited about the possibilities.  Yay NZ post!

You may be wondering….  Have I actually purchased anything with all the black friday madness?  That’d a be a no.  And I’m quite gutted I missed out completely on the fabulous modcloth dress I posted in my last post.  However, I’m convinced that it won’t be the last fabulous dress that I fall in love with.


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