#1 sign that I might really be broken…

Sorry about the lack of outfit posts lately team – I’m a bit behind and need to catch up on the backlog.  However, I really think I might be “broken”.  I’ve waited and waited and the black Friday sales have started – Modcloth is still offering free shipping on orders over $150 USD AND their sale has started AND there are some darling items I’ve picked out that would make wonderful additions to my wardrobe AND then I just abandoned my shopping cart.  Why?  Well, my job isn’t officially starting until January, and I just remembered that modcloth will have their cabin fever sale, and surely I can wait another 2 months until I can actually afford to buy something, right?  Sure, this absolutely amazing (how much I love thee!) dress which is new today and also 50% off might be gone…

Be Outside Dress in Baroque – 50% off!!!

But I need another vintage printed vintage styled dress exactly how much?  Let’s be realistic.  Not at all.  *sigh*

So what Black Friday deals have you almost been tempted to buy this year?


5 thoughts on “#1 sign that I might really be broken…

  1. Wow, dude! That dress is gorgeous! It looks like it glows almost. $40 is a steal for that! I’m impressed with your ability to resist temptation. I’m a truly weak bastard. Haha. Though, I tend to treat clothing like art, so I would collect this dress just to look at it, but probably wear it maybe once and never again. It’s terrible. I’m trying to get better at being more realistic about my purchases, but damn this dress is amazing! ❤

    – Anna

    • I know I’m gutted I missed out. Did you get it? I’m hoping modcloth restocks it. It’s been known to happen before! 😀

  2. Hey, I love this dress too and it also disappeared from my shopping cart only to go Out Of Stock in seconds. If you know where I can get it, email me.

    • I know! I’m so gutted. I have a feeling it might be one of those items that modcloth restocks so make sure it’s in your notfication list!

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