Only another week! Holding out for black Friday sales…

Only a week left to go until what will hopefully be a bunch of black Friday sales on some of my favourite sites.  I know modcloth will definitely have a sale as will amazon, but I’ve been ogling a few sites lately, building up shopping carts (only to abandon them later).  Hopefully I can get some of my Christmas shopping out of the way, in addition to maybe picking up a couple of steals for myself.  Apart from January, this year has been woefully thin on the shopping front, and ever the bargain hunter, I can barely wait for what will hopefully be some excellent online shopping.

It’s interesting to watch some online retailers try and mitigate the craziness that is black Friday by offering sales now.  Part of me wonders if I should take the bait, or hold out for something better….  Yeah I’m holding out.  Hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

I’m going to try and be super restrained if modcloth comes through with some goodies.  I don’t know if you remember my recent post lamenting that their goods were starting to look more and more juvenile as of late?  So I really don’t want to go overboard like I did during their cabin fever sale last January.

Speaking of modcloth, if you’re a fan, you might also be aware of their “Be the Buyer” program, where you can vote on upcoming items?  Well, earlier this week one of the Be the Buyer items put forth to vote upon was this atrocity.

A recent dress on Modcloth's Be the Buyer

A recent dress on Modcloth’s Be the Buyer

I mean honestly, how old are we here – 5?  I sincerely hope no self-respecting woman who considers herself an adult would ever consider wearing that.  It is actually so bad that it makes me wonder if it was genuinely being considered by Modcloth, or if this whole “Be the Buyer” thing is a sham that promotes community involvement and causes shoppers to spend more time on the site (thus more likely to make a purchase) and in addition to leading modcloth shoppers to think that they have some say in what the company sells.  It also makes me seriously wonder who exactly, Modcloth’s target market is.  It clearly isn’t me anymore.  And yes, this post probably will get me blacklisted from modcloth for being ever so slightly critical (although it shouldn’t – I’ve certainly spent enough money with them), my humble little blog was never going to be featured or noticed by them (except that one time they commented a few months ago and suggested that since I mentioned modcloth on my blog, I should include a banner for their site.  Ah yes I would simply love to provide free advertising for you… Oh no, wait, back to reality here.  No,  I won’t provide free advertising for anyone, sorry!).

Anyways, I’ve digressed.

Are you [patiently or impatiently] waiting for Black Friday?  If so, which shop or store are you hoping has a truly spectacular sale?


6 thoughts on “Only another week! Holding out for black Friday sales…

  1. I agree with you Becca, that dress is terrible! Ryan is gearing up for black Friday but he is looking at electronics. He loves shopping on black Friday and tries to figure out all the best deals for things he might need throughout the year so he only has to “go shopping” once a year! I, however, HATE the whole black Friday thing!! Shopping stresses me out, especially during the month of December.

  2. I’m with you! I’m trying to hold out- though Black Friday shopping can be so stressful and crowded!! If it’s too crazy in some shops, I’m going to run! But, if I can manage to get in, I’m in :)!! Let us know what you get!

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